Barco E2 4K

Very good lovers days of audio and video. Today we present one of the indispensable of all current production. The boat E2 is a management system of 4K screen, which will be your perfect companion of battles. It has eight outputs PGM mixable and four outputs Aux climbing to show complete control. Designed for industry events live, the robust E2 has a steel chassis that is able to withstand the harsh conditions of life on the road. It offers control of the screen by a factor of compact form of just four rack units, which makes it easy to send and install. And thanks to their modular cards and dual redundant power supplies, the E2 is extremely reliable and easy to service in the field

With inputs and outputs native 4K, the E2 provides an impressive pixel processing power. Both inputs native or scaled, four or two connectors, this HDCP-compatible system manages everything. With 28 inputs and 14 outputs (PGM 8, multi-visor two and four outputs Aux scale), the E2 offers control show full, including eight independent PIP mixers and a dedicated Multiviewer. Thanks to its chassis can be connected, you can easily expand beyond these eight outputs without the need for external treatment and routing to distribute signals. And as you can also expand inputs and layers, the E2 will be able to manage a screen mixed with up to 32 x 4 K in the future.

E2 offers an extremely flexible layer management system. The E2 starts with a perfect, complete resolution of pixels, background layer without scale that is the same resolution that the fate of the screen. As a background layer mixing non-stop does not use any of the valuable layers of scales. With up to 32 layers available in HD, the E2 can customize layer settings to meet the needs of your application. Layers provide pip or key effects and can be configured for HD, Dual Link (2560 x 1600 or 3840 x 1200 max) or 4K resolutions. Each destination gets dedicated layers, so you know exactly how many resources are available. Layers can also be configured as layer only with cut transitions and two of the climbers can be combined to create a layer of mixture. Each target can support a combination of mixers, individual layers, pips, keys and various sizes of layers, to create a single image composed on the screen.

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